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Liquid Floor Strippers


PRO-LINK® ChemiCenter ll™ #18 1-2-20™ Stripper-80 oz

Low odor ultra concentrated stripper. Rapidly penetrates and strips off floor finish with minimum labor. Ideal for use in areas where odors are a concern. Dilution rate: 1:20; Gallon yield per bottle: 13. Amber color.

Manufacturers Item #B14316

Diversey LinoSafe® Linoleum Stripper - 5 Gal.

Effectively removes existing floor finish & prepares linoleum floors for LinoBase® sealer without damage done to the floor. Works great on marble and other sensitive substrates. Colorless with a solvent scent.

Manufacturers Item #4188

PRO-LINK® 1-2-20 Ultra Concentrated Stripper - Qt.

High power stripper with 64% active ingredients. Easy to use and train staff, just pour one quart into a 5 gallon bucket. Helps reduce maintenance costs. Low odor.

Manufacturers Item #B14102

PRO-LINK® Fast Break Heavy Duty No Rinse Floor Stripper

Heavy duty no rinse floor stripper, Fast-acting and time-saving. Quickly emulsifies finish, breaking the bond with the floor. Mild odor won't irritate the worker. Non-ammoniated formula. Does not require labor-intensive flood rinsing.

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PRO-LINK® Synthetic Sports Stripper - Gal.

Green certified, non-butyl heavy duty no-rinse stripper cuts through aged and built up finishes quickly. Does not "bleed" the floor surface (color). Low odor makes it great for use in occupied areas. Does not require labor intensive flood rinsing. 4 per case.

Manufacturers Item #B14118