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Air Freshener Disp/Refills


Fresh Easy Fresh Air Freshener Dispenser Base Only

Does not include fragrance cover/refill.

Manufacturers Item #EFCAB12

Fresh Easy Fresh Room Air Fresheners

Easy Fresh is the world's only air freshener dispenser that uses the fragranced cover of the dispenser as the air freshener refill itself! Now, instead of unlocking a dispenser, unloading the old refill, loading the new refill and replacing the cover, you just take off the old cover/refill and replace it with a fresh one!! Each cover is composed of a unique material containing twice as much fragrance as most other air fresheners which is released over 30 days.

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Vaportek® Refill EZ-Disk Element - Neutral

Available in various aromas. For use with Vaportronic and EZ-Twist. 12 per bag.