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Low Density


PRO-LINK® FlexiSkins™ Plus Coreless - 24 x 32, 0.30 mil

Ultra-tough performance, thanks to premium super hexene resins. Maximum strength, puncture and tear resistance. Eco-friendly source reduction up to 25% less waste entering landfills. Leak-proof star seal.  20/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #PRB2432LR

Berry Big City® Linear Low Density Can Liners

Flat Folded. The polyethylene can liner of choice for heavy duty uses. Big City® liners are made of resins that tend to be thicker in gauge and offer additional stretch. All repro resins used in Big City liners must meet our stringent quality standards. Economical, high performance can liner with excellent puncture and tear resistance. Available in black for maximum opacity and also in clear for specialty applications. Specially blended LLDPE and recycled material (post-industrial). Flat folded for convenient single bag dispensing. Sizes and gauges to meet any need.
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Berry Plas-Tuff® Flat Folded Liner - 40 x 46, Gray

Made from our top resin mix. Provides superior puncture and tear resistance. Exceptional strength even under the stress of heavy duty use. Star bottom seals eliminate leakage and odors. Sizes and gauges to meet any need. 1.3 mil.  125/cs
Manufacturers Item #LPF4046X3G