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High Density Roll


PRO-LINK® TuffSkins™ HD Coreless Roll -30x37, 8 mic,Nat

Made with HDPE resins for superior strength and load capacity. Excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance and odor containment. Star seal. Available in black or natural.  10/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #BSN083037

PRO-LINK® TuffSkins™ High Density Coreless Roll Liners

The best choice for most common applications, such as office, restroom and paper waste. These liners are extremely strong even with lower gauges, distributing trash weight evenly throughout the bag, virtually guaranteeing no leakage.
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PRO-LINK® TuffSkins™ Plus High Density Liners

Our best recommendation for many common but demanding applications and dispensing needs. 8 ply, star seal bottom helps distribute trash weight evenly throughout bag, virtually guaranteeing against leakage.
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Berry Rhino-X® Coreless Roll Liners

High density polyethylene liners. Extremely strong, even at low gauges. Superior moisture and vapor barrier properties. A star bottom seal to eliminate leakage and odors.
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