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Lobby Brooms


O Cedar® MaxiClean Lobby Angle Broom w/Metal Handle

Black block; black washable, sanitary PET bristles. Easy assembly required for head and handle. 30" x 13/16" black metal handle with swivel hang cap. 10" sweeping surface.

Manufacturers Item #6208

Rubbermaid® Polypropylene Fill Lobby Broom

Tough polypropylene with flagged bristles trap fine particles. Will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. Can be used wet or dry. 7.5" L x 2" W x 35" H, Black.

Manufacturers Item #6374

Rubbermaid® Synthetic Fill Lobby Broom

Ideal for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard to reach areas. Will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. Stiff synthetic bristles. 7" L x 37.5" H. Black.

Manufacturers Item #2536