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Roll Towels


Merfin® Signature Natural Roll Towel - 7.5" x 800'

Premium natural Growing Green™ paper. Strong and very absorbent. 100% recycled paper. 1 Ply. Use dispenser: 1080A.

Manufacturers Item #7800N

Embassy Supreme®2 TAD Towel ULRT® - 8" x 1000'

Better absorbency and hand drying efficiency. Through-Air-Dry (TAD) manufacturing process results in faster water absorbency. White. Dispensing strength reduces "wet tabs" and litter.

Manufacturers Item #01269

Esteem® Economy Roll Towel - 8" x 350'

An economical choice that helps protect our environment. Standard dispensing performance and strength.

Manufacturers Item #01860

White Swan®2 Classic ULRT® Ultra Long Roll Towel

Longest roll towel in the market. Good absorbency and hand drying efficiency in a roll towel. ULRT® means even lower labor costs associated with refill trips. Dependability and softness - without compromise. EcoLogo™ certified. CFIA Certified.

Manufacturers Item #01969

Merfin® Premium Jumbo Roll Towel - 9.0" x 900'

15" Perf. 1 Ply. Use Dispenser: 1002.

Manufacturers Item #311

Merfin® Signature White Center-Pull Hand Towel - 8" x 400'

Made from premium air-laid paper. Strong and soft, super absorbent. High capacity roll. Environmentally safe. Perf: 12", Core: 2.3, 1 ply. Use dispenser: 1002, 1004.

Manufacturers Item #8400

Merfin Signature White Roll Towels

Strong and soft, super absorbent. High capacity rolls. Environmentally safe. Wet-laid paper type. Core diameter: 2.3".

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Sierra Hygiene Roll Hand Towel - Natural

Soft, absorbent towels dry hands quickly and gently. Available in white and natural.